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Learn about honey bees and beekeeping!

Come meet Alison Yahna. She holds a Master's Degree in teaching and has been a passionate educator for over 20 years. Through the educational center, she offers a variety of opportunities for people of all ages and walks of life. Here are the many possibilities for bee-curious and passionated.  

School Programs for Children of all ages

Our educational objectives for young people focus on:

  • learning the importance of bees and other pollinators for food production;
  • transforming the fear of honeybees into appreciation;
  • learning the biology and natural history of the honeybee as a very special 'super-organism';
  • learning the social interactions in the hive as an example of harmonious "living together;

Field trips

The center is a fascinating field-trip destination for school groups. The children experience the bees up close, visit the bee 'nursery', learn the bees biology and natural history, and even assist in the harvest while eating some honey, still warm from the hive. 

In-class presentation

We also to take our presentation, with a living, glassed-in observation hive and delicious honeycomb, into the classroom.   


Eco-tourism for Individuals and Families

Have you always wanted to learn about bees?  

Are you thinking about keeping bees and want to know what it takes?  

Are you looking for an interesting and educational activity for your family while visiting the Big Island?  

If "yes" is the answer, we are there for you. Whether it is for an one-hour tour of the Educational Center, or for a hand's on immersion into the world of bees and beekeeping, with all it's fascinating biology, folklore and esoterica, we are happy to provide something designed just for you, according to your interests and needs. 


For beekeepers: The Sacred Art of Beekeeping and bee shamanism

We also offer a variety of beekeeping courses designed for hobby and back-yard enthusiasts, and experienced beekeepers who wish to deepen the connection with their bees.

Unique to Artemis Smiles is our practice of direct communication with the honey bees. To behavioral understanding, and bee-centric practices, we incorporate a variety of metaphysical techniques, such as meditation, that can lead us into a deeper connection with the Divinity within ourselves and within all beings.