Artemis Smiles Honeybee Sanctuary was established in 2001for the purpose of renewing a loving, respectful and mutually beneficial relationship between bees and humans. Once honored as messenger, ornament and even manifestation of the Divine, the sweet honeybee has fallen into a state of disregard and exploitation. By honoring the honeybee as sacred, we restore her once again to the status of Divine messenger and guide.  Through our relationship with honeybees bees we deepen our direct connection to the Divinity within ourselves and within all life.

The Sanctuary is located in a remote area on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Here our bees are allowed to live a natural life cycle, free of many of the practices and pollutants that have contributed to their global decline.

Our Education Center offers varied programs for people of all ages and walks of life.  Island school children, aspiring and experienced beekeepers, tourists, local farmers and backyard gardeners all benefit from our educational tours and workshops.

Welcome to Artemis Smiles Honeybee Sanctuary and Education Center! 

 Have fun exploring the unique ways we are helping the Honeybees.  We hope you will join us!

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      Aloha and gratitude to all who pledged to support our Kickstarter project for the creation of our  HoneyBee Temple .  Although we did not make our funding goal, we are still committed to the creation of this love-offering for the bees, and welcome your help.  We have set up the means for people to contribute financially by visiting our Donate page.  If you would like to contribute in other ways or volunteer to work on projects at the Sanctuary or Education Center please contact us.